I focus mainly on backend development – design, integration, architectural patterns and delivery.
My primary goal is improving software engineering process and delivering high quality code.
I focus on software analysis, system wide impacts and team leadership as well.

This is a brief summary of my main strengths.

  • Deep understanding of .NET Framework & C#.
  • Microservices, DDD, CQRS & clean architecture.
  • Software design patterns.
  • Third-party integrations & plugin architecture.
  • Azure & DevOps services.
  • Message queuing systems.
  • Automation & Embedded systems.

I also have a masters degree in Computerized Automation & Robotics.
I like writing blogs on topics that myself could not find a stock overflow solution 🤫.
And do my best to contribute on open-source projects.

My main hobby outside programming is "The Mecca of Iron" a.k.a "The gym".

I am glad to have you over here, and since we're at it...why don't you treat yourself on my blog 😉.